Our Journey to Uganda

Rethinking the whole blog thing…

We’ve discussed from time to time how public we really want our family’s journey to be. And lately we’ve been thinking about it again. Our intention was never to engage the blogging community with our journey other than to keep our family and friends informed of our thoughts, concerns, milestones and prayer needs. That goal is happening apart from this blog.  So, we’re going away for a while. Maybe we’ll come back someday. But for those that fall into that “family and friends” category, you know how to find us. So, if you want, find us and we’ll give you the passwords or let you know other ways you can follow our journey.

Thanks to all for your reading, comments and feedback over the last year and half. Your encouragement and perspectives are truly appreciated. Maybe we’ll see you again.

Adoption is a long, complicated and expensive process. But just as God counted it worth the cost to adopt us into his family — this work and waiting is worth the joy as well.

02.28.13: We have our court date: April 17! Also learned that the boys are closer to 7 and 6. (fitting right in with the 6 1/2- and 4 1/2-year-olds we already have at home ;-)
12.20.12: REFERRAL! Two brothers, ages 7 and 6. What a Christmas present!
04.03.12: Moved up to #1! Word is that it still might be several months, but #1 is still exciting :-)
03.02.12: Moved up to #2!
02.20.12: Moved up to #3! Praise God for another child being matched with a forever family!
02.01.12: Placed on agency waiting list at #4.
01.28.12: USCIS approval!! I-171H in hand! REJOICING!!
01.09.12: Walked in to USCIS office 9 days ahead of our biometrics appointment … They took us right away. Biometrics done!
12.28.11: Received biometrics appointment notice for Jan. 18.
12.10.11: Sent I-600A to USCIS.
Home study completed and received.
Home study visit.
Finished required training for home study agency.
Started required training for home study agency.
Sent application to home study agency.
Application accepted by agency!
Sent formal application to agency.
09.21.11: Decided to move forward with Uganda program.

One comment on “Our Journey to Uganda

  1. Mandy says:

    Do you mind me asking what agency you are with?

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